Ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard, sipping on unique wines straight from Italy's heartland?

  • Allowing wine-lovers to become the owners of their own wine

    LiquidVineyards allows anyone with the dream of owning his or her own vineyard and those who love wine, to experience the ownership of their very own vines. By purchasing Digital Rights to vines through LiquidVineyards, you can select among our quickly increasing inventory of vineyards from different regions and varietal options. Digital Rights are the link between investors and wine producers; no intermediaries for a cost-effective solution to global wine markets.

Our Team

  • Founder and President

    Luigi Boschin

    40 Years’ experience in electronics manufacturing and telecommunication systems in Europe and Canada. Managing deployment of nationwide infrastructures for the world's biggest telecommunication players. GSM, LTE, 5G expert and developer of transmission and communication devices coding/tracking systems. Luis is also an Airplane pilot and passionate about innovation and the wine business.
  • Advisor, Chef & Wine Pairing Expert

    Bruce Riezenman

    Chef Riezenman is one of California Wine Country’s most sought-after chefs, and a foremost speaker on the subject of Food & Wine Pairing. His experience in building his company Park Avenue Catering into one of the top in the Bay Area is invaluable for establishing the LiquidVineyards brand. Bruce's 30 years of connecting with many of the top wineries in California, makes him a great resource for assessing and growing our portfolio of wineries.
  • Board Member

    Andrea Mandel-Mantello

    Andrea is an experienced independent financial advisor and entrepreneur. Andrea graduated from the prestigious Yale University, earning a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Andrea has expertise in cross border mergers and acquisitions, complex financings and restructurings, negotiations with finance providers, private equity. Andrea has a successful track record of turning companies around and creating financial solutions and restructurings. He currently serves as CEO, Partner at AdviCorp Plc which is an Independent investment banking firm involved in M&A - Corporate Finance advisory services and asset management.
  • Legal Counsel

    David Boag

    David is the founder of BOAG LAW, PLLC, a boutique intellectual property legal practice that helps clients with issues in emerging areas of technology.
    David has extensive large-firm litigation experience and was previously senior counsel at a prominent New York intellectual property firm where he handled a wide range of intellectual property matters for a client base ranging from Fortune 100 multinational corporations to sole proprietors and inventors.

How it Works

Common Questions

How Does it Work?
How do I sign-up?
What are Digital Rights?
How do I know which vines I have the Digital Rights to?
What is the digital label?
How do I know the wines are good?
What privileges do I get at the winery once I invest?
Why are there only Italians vineyards on offer?
Who pays for shipping?
When will I get my wines?
Do I have to live in Italy to invest?
What is the minimum investment?